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Back from the Beehive

Aloha all Glamorous People:
I was busy making honey pardon the absence!

So happy Wednesday and I decided to share this with anyone who hasn’t seen it, or maybe u have and then you can relove it!
The September Issue is a favorite of mine because it is a fabulous, glamorous, award- winning documentary that in a way un-peels the fashion world from its core: what happens behind the “big dog- fashion doors”.

Here are 5 reasons to dip a few minutes into watching!!!

5 Reasons:

1. Maybe you don’t understand the fashion world and are intrigued.

2. You give any documentary a chance.

3. Today you are feeling dumpy and have nothing to write about and need some spicy, colorful and rich material.

4. Could be you are uninterested in my blogging and would like to see what multimedia I can bring to the table.

5. Perhaps you are close to someone who is enthralled in the Fashion world and you just don’t understand the rhyme or reason of it all but they do (shout out to all the fathers!).

I discovered this with a great guy friend who worked at a boutique with me in Charlotte, NC. It had become a shortcut on my home screen and a uplifting pick up for a rainy day. The music is pretty great in it. Even for that check it out!


The September Issue



What are some of your favorite documentaries? Let a sister know!
Cheers! Be back for more later*