A day late of the Jackson,MS parade, several Carnations and kisses short…

Kiss me i’m Korean


So, I’m in my cozy apartment in Atlanta and wishing I hadn’t missed the infamous St. Paddys day parade that Malcolm White(also a close family friend) has become known for. A month and 2-3 weeks short of being 29 years old, I just think back to 10 years ago.
All of my friends I grew up with were there. We were all still “young” and partying. I feel like there is this huge difference in “partying” in your different stages of life. Whether it’s socially accepted at that age or what ever may be the issue I miss the photo of us.

Rainy Atlanta and people that talk shit in new towns. As we all know I worked for Ralph Lauren the PRC store that then closed in Charlotte; between me not being transferred to the Atlanta Ralph Lauren store in Lenox mall and many other management and corporate issues, as well as personal feelings towards the situation I lost a lot of “stable perfection in the “work” block of my life.

I have decided to make this blog about me and all Chelsea and everything Golden. So read at your leisure or change the web address. I am an open book with many hidden chapters, am sometimes overly honest and definitely an opinionated American Asian . Enjoy!

BeeeGolden will be getting a new name..?