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A healthier beauty & cosmetic lifestyle…by BEEEGOLDEN


πŸ’„#BeautyCounter : ⏰ Retractable completion brush(great for the Tint Skin CC☺️), the Glow sugar Scrub, the “must-have” Nourishing cleansing balm (with Raspberry & Cranberry seed oil and Vitamin C!), Touchup concealer pen, Clean everyday Shampoo, Tint Skin complexion coverage(#TSCC) and the Lip Conditioner Peppermint balm!πŸ’„ I am so obsessed w/this new line of a healthier beauty lifestyle …

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Fighting off Cancer one product at a time!

How many family member or friends have you know to suffer or die from some form of cancer? 😣
At just age 13, my mother was diagnosed and within a shocking 6 months, she was dead. A very dear friend of mine who has worked in fashion for years, watched the job market crumble with me, lost her mother to cancer at a very young age as well. Both having these horrific experiences and also yet the same interests(fashion, beauty, health, makeup, etc), through our decade friendship, researching always kept us close and looking for ways to make changes..
πŸ’‘She then called me with the discovery of this company called #BeautyCounter. I watched this video and decided I knew this was something I was going to be passionate about. Please enjoy the video …
Beauty Counter Video

Please sign up at “Become a Member” or “Join Now” (lowest require only $85)

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And let’s start spreading the world and throwing parties for a good cause!!!

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Chelsea Golden